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Ondine CEO, Carolyn Cross, Inducted Onto The Board of the International Photodynamic Association

“We have spent the last 70 years using and misusing antibiotics to treat and prevent common infectious diseases…It is therefore imperative that non-antibiotic solutions to fight infections are developed in order to preserve the next generation of effective medicine.”

Carolyn Cross Inducted Onto Board of IPA

Our CEO has done it again. Two weeks after being featured in the Vancouver Sun Newspaper, Ms. Cross has now been inducted onto the Board of the International Photodynamic Association (IPA). Founded in 1986, the IPA brings together the most distinguished international clinicians and scientists involved in researching and developing photodynamic therapy. Ms. Cross will help raise awareness about the benefits of this technology and help bring it to the forefront of medicine.

We are very pleased to share this announcement with all of you today. Ms. Cross has been with Ondine for over a decade and was one of the initial founders and financial supporters of our company. Under her leadership, Ondine has developed a rapid R & D program and is now seen as one of the world’s most renowned group of experts on photodynamic therapy and photodisinfection. Read more »

Breakthrough In Photodynamic Therapy: New Cancer Application Being Developed

Photodynamic Therapy in the Operating Room

Breakthroughs in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) occur everyday. On Tuesday, it was announced that a new non-surgical PDT-based procedure for the treatment of HPV and cervical pre-cancerous lesions has been accepted for use in a phase 2 trial by the FDA. Advancements like this help validate the need to continue exploring PDT as a potential treatment for cancer. Testing of this procedure is scheduled to begin this spring, and will occur in multiple trial centers across the US and Europe.

Unlike previous PDT applications in cancer, this is a new therapeutic treatment that uses advanced LED technology in a self-powered, single-use device that can be deployed inside a body cavity. This disposable device will be administered by a gynecologist or colposcopist and left in place for up to 24 hours. During this time, the patient can leave the hospital and continue her daily activities before eventually removing the device on her own. Read more »

An Introduction to Photodynamic Medicine

There are two kinds of light — the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.”
James Thurber was almost certainly unaware of photodynamic medicine when he authored that quote in 1963, or else he might have added a 3rd type of light – the glimmer that heals. Loosely put, the word photodynamic means using light to cause an action or effect.  This definition, though simple, succinctly summarizes the concept of photodynamic medicine – a set of therapies that leverages visible light to create a targeted, potent effect. Read more »
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