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The Killers Within – The Deadly Rise of Drug Resistant Bacteria

Every once and a while a book comes into your life and makes an impact on you. Well for me, one such book was “The Killers Within- The Rise of Drug-Resistant Bacteria” by Michael Shnayerson and Mark Plotkin.  For anyone who is concerned about antibiotic resistance, this is a “must read” book. It is very well researched, fabulously compelling and perfectly frightening.  I was already on the path to create technologies that deal with these deadly bacteria, but after reading this book, I realized that I could not work fast enough.  It convinced me that I needed to work harder and smarter to champion photodisinfection, a new light activated approach to highly resistant pathogens.

There are many great elements about this book which I encourage everyone to read. However today, I wanted to draw attention to, and thank, the small but dedicated number of people across the world who make it their life’s work to monitor and protect us from the rise of the deadly antibiotic resistant bugs. These people deserve recognition and appreciation.  People like Dr. Glenn Morris, Dr. Stuart Levy, Dr. Joshua Lederberg to name only a few of the clinical researchers named in this book, will never become household names in our society…but they should, as they represent true heroes ; every bit the Major Generals in our ongoing battle against the deadly killers within.

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