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It Took Half A Century To Develop A C. Difficile Treatment

It has taken 50 years, but a new drug has been released as a treatment for infections caused by Clostridium difficle. The new drug, called Dificlir, is an antibiotic treatment that has been shown to cut the chances of relapse from this type of infection in half.

C. diff, a gram-positive bacteria that can cause a serious and potentially fatal infection of the colon, can be found naturally in the gut flora of approximately 3% of adults and two-thirds of children. As a part of the body’s natural flora, the bacteria can live without causing any problems. For those who have experienced the painful and explosive symptoms of such infections, which include extreme diarrhea and abdominal pain, the release of this new drug is great news. It is also significant considering that C. diff has become more virulent over the past few decades, evolving into a key player in the emerging threat of antibiotic resistance.

The new drug works by preventing C. diff bacteria from producing the toxins that cause the disease and its immobilizing symptoms. By preventing such symptoms, the drug inadvertently prevents others from contracting the disease, as microbes are less likely to spread in the absence of the explosive diarrhea. It has taken over ten years to develop this new type of antibiotic, which is also called fidaxomicin.

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