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My Theory: Cancer and Pathogens

Ten years ago when I would mention my theory in public, my esteemed colleagues would give me either a heaven-bound roll of the eye or a terse shake of the head…depending on the audience. Ten years ago, my theory was considered radical, serving only to demonstrate my lack of scientific background. Ten years later, this theory is getting some traction and I am pleased to see a number of key researchers validating my beliefs1,2,3.

My theory: The changing composition and characteristics of the bacteria with which we coexist, are causing directly or indirectly our major systemic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancers, arthritis, etc. To restore normal health, requires a 2 part process. First, we need to target the removal of the bad bacteria. Second, we need to replace them with the original (good) bacteria, reinstating  the ‘normal’ compositions and concentrations.  Widespread killing of all bacteria, therefore, as in the case of systemic antibiotics, only addresses the first element of this proposed protocol but not the second part, as antibiotic use clearly does not do much to restore the original composition of bacteria needed to promote good health. Read more »

Gum Disease and The Oral Systemic Link

I see lines written just like this all the time:

Periodontal disease has been linked to rheumatoid arthritis, pre-term birth, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and even cancer.

For someone who has been actively involved in the dental industry, a line like that is pretty easy to digest, but I know a good many people who would stop reading after the word periodontal.  It can be a bit jarring to remember that not everyone understands the oral systemic link, so I want to explain it in a way that makes sense. Read more »

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