A Winning Team: Ondine fights for Patient Safety and Better Outcomes!

It takes a certain kind of person to work for a small Canadian Medical Devices R&D company…not just anyone can make the cut. First of all you need raw talent and horsepower to make the team. Then, you need a lot of heart, stamina and a great deal of dedication to the mission. You need to feel the passion. Combining passion with talent creates the makings of success….and we aim to succeed. Our goal is to save lives and improve patient outcomes around the world. Our people are our greatest assets, and we continue to battle a world of resistance. As this year draws to a close, it is natural to look back on the year and its triumphs and its frustrations. 2012 was a challenging year for Ondine as I struggled to get myself back together again. I am so very proud of this amazing team that did their very best and wish to sincerely thank each individual for their extraordinary contributions made over this past year. They both motivate and inspire me to fight the good fight.

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  1. Not only do I have experience of poor outcomes that could have been averted, but I am a narrator and scriptwriter who does a lot of medical work. LOVE it! 🙂 Ty for doing what you are doing!

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