From The Heart: A Personal Message From Ondine CEO Carolyn Cross

Creating new medical devices is not for the faint of heart.  One needs more than just a passion to prevent unnecessary deaths and improve the lives of mankind. One needs the conviction and the strength that come from a divine inspiration as well as the love and support of a large community of friends and family.  Without a doubt, championing a new technology in Canada is one of the hardest ventures that anyone can choose….and yet, I know that I am privileged to be tasked with this challenge.

Some of you know that I was recently in a terrible accident. When one looks at the circumstances surrounding my miraculous saving, it can only be the result of intervention of God and the Universe. I can count at least 17 miracles that occurred simultaneously to enable my survival on that fateful day. Surviving a plane crash is highly uncommon, we all know this. But having been up in the plane, having made my peace and having sent out my goodbyes, it was a true shock that I would be spared…and the only thought that went through my mind, at the time of that ordeal and every day since then, was that I was spared because I was needed in order to continue to champion photodisinfection. I believe with every fibre in my body that what we are doing at Ondine was important enough that my life needed to spared for this purpose.  This is the kind of conviction that is needed to take on the challenge of creating new life saving technologies and to overcome the constant barrage of negativity, doubt and disappointments.  Just as I was beginning to lose hope and stamina, I was given a big reminder of how fortunate I am to be able to carry on this mission.

My time with Ondine has been a personal journey as well as a scientific journey.  My background was in the financial services industry and not the sciences or medical sectors. There was a huge learning curve for me and always, I have felt so inadequate for the task. Those of us at Ondine have had to reinvent ourselves a number of times. We needed to find the personal fortitude and strength of character to meet the constant challenges and setbacks of keeping a small medical devices company alive and well. When I look back at all that our small team has achieved, I am very proud. It has been a hard won struggle of championing a brand new method of fighting resistant and non-resistant pathogens.  With commercial success somewhere around the corner, I want to take this moment now to thank my loving husband for his constant support, my amazing colleagues at Ondine and UCL for their unwavering commitment and dedication, my good friends for their patience and love, and to the greater powers from above that give me the strength to keep on going.

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  1. Peggy Herron says:

    Getting chills reading your personal message. I truly believe you were spared because the work at Ondine is so important.

    I hope sometime again it will be possible to invest in Ondine.

    Best regards,
    Peggy Herron

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