Carolyn Cross Tells Her Remarkable Story To Chatelaine Magazine

In the same way fate seems to keep knocking on Carolyn’s door, she felt the benefits of her determination first-hand. After the crash, Carolyn was taken to Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), the first major institution to roll out Ondine’s technology. Like all patients undergoing surgery, she was zapped clean by Ondine’s laser.

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3 Responses to “Carolyn Cross Tells Her Remarkable Story To Chatelaine Magazine”

  1. Karen Henkel says:

    I was just wondering if a person already has MRSA will this technology work for them? My three children and myself are MRSA positive. My one son particularly has had repeated outbreaks. I would be interested in hearing more about this and would this be something our family should pursue.
    Thank you,

    • Clarence Chew says:

      Hi Karen, MRSAid is currently only approved in Canada to decolonize the nose of bacteria prior to surgery. Unfortunately, we are not yet approved to treat MRSA infections.

      A great resource for information is the MRSA Survivors Network, I recommend getting in contact w/ them for help –

      All the best.


  2. Winifred Norrick says:

    of all the many bacterial strains in this world. MRSA is the scariest type of bacteria.”

    Our very own web site

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