Ondine Biomedical Inc Proudly Supports The PanAmerican PDT Association

Ondine Biomedical Inc. is a proud supporter of the mission and goals of the PanAmerican Photodynamic Therapy Association. Launched last month, the Association’s purpose is to galvanize the basic science and expertise of photodynamic therapy in the Americas. This will help encourage the study and practice of PDT in the treatment of animal and human diseases.

Many of you may not know that photodynamic therapy has been around for centuries. In fact, the earliest recorded treatment using a photosensitizing agent and a light source occurred in ancient Egypt over 3,000 years ago. Vegetable and plant substances were used as photosensitizers and sunlight was used as the light source. Patients suffering from skin diseases such as vitiligo had the photosensitizers topically applied to the damaged area, and the resulting photochemical reaction restored their tissue to a healthier state. In some cases, it even helped repigment their skin to its normal color.

Today, photodynamic therapy is clinically used worldwide in a number of applications – cancer, macular degeneration, gum disease, infection control, and acne. The antimicrobial application of PDT, commonly known as “Photodisinfection,” is Ondine’s platform technology and is used in all of our products. It is therefore critical that we lend our support to groups such as the PanAmerican PDT Association, which aim to help further the study, education and practice of PDT techniques in disease.

Ondine is a proud supporter of the PanAmerican PDT Association, and is very excited to see how they will move the field of PDT forward. After all, this technology has saved lives. To read these stories, please visit the PanAmerican PDT Association website.

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