Photodynamic Therapy Saves Boy Given Six Months To Live

Connah Broom is a very luck young man. Diagnosed at the age of four with stage 4 neuroblastoma, Connah was given six months to live. Eleven tumours had developed on his neck, stomach, legs, and areas near his heart. Seven months of chemotherapy failed to improve his condition and surgery was no longer an option as the tumours were located too close to vital organs. That was when Connah’s family learned that he had only a few more months to live. According to Debbie Broom, Connah’s mother, “A doctor told us to take Connah home and enjoy our remaining time with him.”

The family then turned to photodynamic therapy (PDT), a treatment proven to be effective in killing cancer. Connah’s treatment consisted of taking a pill containing a photosensitizing agent and then activating this agent with light. A powerful reaction was then initiated, which killed the cancerous cells while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue. Amazingly, after ten months of PDT  treatment, ten of Connah’s eleven tumours have now disappeared. “This is the one miracle in my entire career,” said Connah’s GP, Dr. Eamon Jessop, “He’s doing incredible well, it’s staggering.” To hear Connah’s story, please watch the video below:

Connah from Matt Hunt on Vimeo.

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