Ondine CEO, Carolyn Cross, Survives Plane Crash: “I Am More Dedicated To PDT Than Ever”

Update: Carolyn would like to thank everyone for their well wishes. She is currently at home recovering from knee surgery and we expect her to make a full recovery soon. Please send donations to the family of the pilot, Luc Fortin, to support his 16-month old daughter – inmemoryofluc@shaw.ca

Miracles really do happen. On Thursday October 27th, Carolyn Cross (our CEO, Chairman, and dear friend) survived a deadly plane crash. On a chartered flight headed to Kelowna, Carolyn knew something wasn’t right when the pilot told passengers there was an oil leak and they were returning to the airport. “I looked at his hands and they were shaking, trembling,” Carolyn said in an interview from her hospital bed, “At that moment I knew we were going to die.” Carolyn then calmly took out her phone and began typing out farewell messages to her three young kids, “Something that they would remember me by, that I could have peace that I had said my goodbyes.”

Seconds later, Carolyn’s plane crashed on a busy road about 900 meters short of the runway. “We crashed and I immediately looked outside because I was at a door window and it was full of flames outside. So I couldn’t go out. It smelled full of gasoline….I went to get up and I could not walk. It was as if I had no legs, as if they were blown off. And I thought of my children, and God and the universe gave me the energy and I got up to the door. I said I don’t know what I am going to do now because I can’t get out of the plane, my legs, I can’t get out of the plane.”

“There were four people that pulled me out and carried me to safety even though the plane was in flames. It smelled of gas. And then they went back for more. And people were shouting “the plane’s going to blow, it’s full of gas, we smell gas” but they went back in. It was amazing.”

On Friday morning, the day after the plane crash, Carolyn held a conference call with all of us at Ondine. From her hospital bed, she told us about the plane crash, about her cuts, bruises, and broken bones. She told us how thankful she is of the everyday heroes that pulled her out of the plane crash, and she told us about her passion behind this company. “I survived this plane crash for a reason, and one of them is to put our technology on the map. I am more dedicated to PDT than ever.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Luc Fortin, the courageous pilot whose gallant efforts saved the lives of passengers onboard that flight. To those everyday heroes that helped pull Carolyn and other passengers out of the burning plane, we can’t thank you enough. “I laid in bed last night understanding how lucky I am,” Carolyn said, “I am alive because of these people. I want them to know how brave they were.” If you are one of these heroes, or know of them, please contact us at cchew@ondinebio.com.

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2 Responses to “Ondine CEO, Carolyn Cross, Survives Plane Crash: “I Am More Dedicated To PDT Than Ever””

  1. Nicole Gould says:

    I am still in shock that this happened! Carolyn you are a fighter and a survivor! All my thoughts are with the Cross family and I send you all my love. Speedy recovery as well!!

  2. Tom Masterson says:

    If anyone was going to survive a plane crash, it was going to be Carolyn Cross. She is truly one of the most incredible people on the planet – I miss working for her and Ondine every day.

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