Ondine’s 100th Post – An Exciting Blogging Milestone!

Today, we celebrate our first blogging milestone – our 100th post. It’s incredible to see how far we have come, and exciting to imagine where we soon will be. You, the readers and followers of Ondine’s blogs, have played the central role in getting us here; your encouraging words, insightful comments, and guest blog posts have helped us tremendously throughout this process. Thank you so much.

Our goal has always been to make important points in bite-sized, digestible sound bites for today’s fast paced world. Our first one hundred posts have helped lay the foundation for this, and our next steps involve creating more engaging, relevant and compelling content. This will come in the form of videos, graphics, testimonials and case studies from the field.

Our blogs have grown in many ways that we didn’t think imaginable. Who would’ve thought that a post on Preventing Surgical Site Infections would be read by thousands of people and shared over 1,300 times? Or that a guest blogger from Ethiopia would be willing to blog for us about the impact HIV/AIDS has on his community? It is moments like these that cement the cultural phenomenon of blogging and its impact on companies around the world.

Over the past nine months, blogging has become a powerful instrument for us to communicate and share information with all of you. Thank you to everyone for their efforts in helping us reach our 100th blogging milestone. We look forward to thousands more. But before we get there, please check out our other sites: www.mrsaidblog.com, www.vitalwaveblog.com, www.periowaveblog.com, www.mrsatopic.com

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Nice fireworks & great post

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