Ondine CEO, Carolyn Cross, Inducted Onto The Board of the International Photodynamic Association

“We have spent the last 70 years using and misusing antibiotics to treat and prevent common infectious diseases…It is therefore imperative that non-antibiotic solutions to fight infections are developed in order to preserve the next generation of effective medicine.”

Carolyn Cross Inducted Onto Board of IPA

Our CEO has done it again. Two weeks after being featured in the Vancouver Sun Newspaper, Ms. Cross has now been inducted onto the Board of the International Photodynamic Association (IPA). Founded in 1986, the IPA brings together the most distinguished international clinicians and scientists involved in researching and developing photodynamic therapy. Ms. Cross will help raise awareness about the benefits of this technology and help bring it to the forefront of medicine.

We are very pleased to share this announcement with all of you today. Ms. Cross has been with Ondine for over a decade and was one of the initial founders and financial supporters of our company. Under her leadership, Ondine has developed a rapid R & D program and is now seen as one of the world’s most renowned group of experts on photodynamic therapy and photodisinfection. Our robust pipeline of products include:

  • MRSAidTM to decolonize patients of bacteria in the nose
  • PeriowaveTM to treat gum disease
  • SinuwaveTM to treat chronic sinusitis
  • VitalwaveTM to decolonize the birth canal of HIV
  • Endowave to eradicate biofilms on the inner surface of endotracheal tubes

It is with great pleasure that we announce Ms. Cross’ induction onto the Board of the IPA. To learn more about our technology, please read “An Introduction to Photodynamic Medicine.”

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  1. Nicole Gould says:

    WOHOO!!! I am so happy for you Carolyn!

    You deserve the recognition for all your hard work 🙂
    Way to go Ondine!

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